Campion Hills Allotment Association

Management Committee 
Campion Hills Allotment Association is run by a volunteer management committee on behalf of its 

It consists of nine volunteers who all have plots on the site. The committee is elected by members each year at the Annual General Meeting in October. Any member of the association, who has had a plot for a minimum of twelve months, may put themselves forward to serve on the committee if they wish.

The committee’s job is to ensure the smoothing running of the site, manage the leases and finances and continually work to make improvements. The committee also work closely with Leamington Town Council who own the land.

The committee meets once a month and carries out a site inspection four times a year.

Minutes of each meeting can be retrieved below. 

Chairperson - Chris Berry 
Secretary - Jane Malone
Treasurer - Joanna Bloomfield
Site officer - Not appointed 
Shop organiser: - Russell Mosely 

Lettings officer - David Limmer 

Asst Lettings officer -  Not appointed

Projects Coordinator - Not appointed  

Committee Member - Russell Mosely

Committee Member - Keeran Paleerathan

Committee Member - Mark Barnwell

Committee Member - John Malone


2019 - 2020

Allotment Minutes - February 2020.pdf

Allotment Minutes - January 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - December 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - November 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - October 2019.pdf

2018 - 2019

Allotment Minutes - September 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - July 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - June 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - May 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - March 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - February 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - January 2019.pdf

Allotment Minutes - November 2018.pdf

Allotment Minutes - October 2018.pdf

2016 - 2017

Minutes Nov 2016 Click here

Minutes Jan 2017 Click here

Minutes Jan(b) 2017 Click here

Minutes May 2017 Click here

Minutes Jul 2017 Click here

Minutes Aug 2017 Click here

Minutes Sep 2017 Click here

AGM Agenda Sep 2017 Click here

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