Campion Hills Allotment Association

About the allotment plots

The allotment site is in Black Lane, Leamington Spa.

Tenants who rent a plot on the site use their allotment for a wide range of purposes. Most grow their own fruit, vegetables and flowers, a restricted number of tenants keep poultry or have a bit of leisure space just right for a deck chair and a barbecue. A few plot holders have a shed - somewhere to brew a cup of tea.

We have about 150 full-size plots, with some of these divided into half or even quarter plots. Each full size plot is roughly 30metres by 9metres including paths. Eleven small plots each with an area of around 25square metres are also available.

Plot holders pay an annual rental fee for their plot plus a yearly subscription to become a member of the allotments association. The rental year runs from 1st October to 31st of the following September. The current annual fees are:

·    £32 for a full size plot (£5 discount for early payment before the end of October)

·    Initial membership £30, thereafter £10 annual membership (£2 discount for over 60s)

·    3/4, 1/2 & 1/4 plots are charged on a pro rata basis


There have been allotment plots on this site since 1910; some of the original buildings put up by those early plot holders are still in use. Over the years the association has made many improvements and now our members enjoy these facilities:

·     two separate driveways and car parking areas

·     many easily accessible water supply points

·     clubhouse and storage unit

·     secure fencing around the site and new gates

·     composting toilet

·     seasonal weekend shop

·     seasonal access to free wood chippings.

You can find out more about our recent and future projects by clicking here. (Link to Projects page) 

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